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Our Medical Marriage Manual

Therapists are medical professionals who utilize research from the field of therapy for evidence-based results. Our premier program for marriage is designed to help couples build strong, and healthy marriages using that same approach. In our manual, we show you how to forgive and reestablish trust as well as how to properly work through issues as they arise in your marriage. With pages of comprehensive marriage advice, evidence-based interventions, and hours of corresponding audio, our course has everything you need to strengthen your relationship. This manual is also effective for couples who are not yet married but are struggling in their relationship. It can also greatly benefit those wanting to get married by helping them learn what it takes to be married and how to avoid many of the unnecessary problems that can come up in marriage.

The "Save My Marriage" Program

In developing this program, our goal was to create a straightforward, easy-to-follow guide on how to improve your married life. Created by a licensed therapist in partnership with Serenity Counseling Services Hawaii, our Save My Marriage Program allows you to — either individually or with your spouse — address chronic issues in a healthy manner while increasing the personal happiness and marital happiness of each individual. Our program includes:

14 Assessments ($200 Value)

Our assessments will help you learn and discover what exactly is going on in your marriage. Our assessments cover subjects like how you and your spouse relate to one another, your conflict styles, your attachment styles, your personality traits and differences, self-esteem for each spouse, and so much more. With each assessment, you will increase your awareness of the issues in the relationship and learn how to improve yourself and your marriage.

31 Homework Projects ($300 Value)

Our homework projects are designed to help you, and your spouse grows closer to another in fun and enjoyable ways. Research shows that without homework you stand a 0-5% chance of effectively creating change and resolving issues. Each one of our homework tasks is embedded into each chapter of the manual so that it directly relates to what you will be learning in each section. For example home works will cover topics on communication skills, how to write love letters, how to overcome your stress reactions or anger, how to create good boundaries, how to overcome defensiveness, and stop negative thinking. You will also be doing homework that allows you to bond more closely to your spouse by doing things such as date night, and creating lifestyle changes and playing fun games with one another to ensure your marriage stays healthy and strong.

155-Page Manual ($350 Value)

Our marriage manual is easy to read. Wondering what to do to restore your spouse's trust? Go to the chapter on trust. Not sure how to say what you want to say? Go to the chapter on communication skills. Saying sorry not working? Go to the chapter on how to apologize. Has your spouse told you they love you, but they are no longer in love with you? The manual covers this. Not sure what to do when your spouse is interested in someone else? Our manual covers this as well.

5-Hour Audio Download ($500 Value)

Our audio download features extra information that highlights and expands on the information in the manual using funny real-life stories and examples to help you process and learn the information in the manual more effectively using learning theory-based research.

Blog Access (Free, Coming Soon)

After buying one of our programs, you will be given access to our blog site that covers a wide range of life issues and how to overcome them.

21-Day Implementation Schedule ($150 Value)

While our program is designed to help improve and save your marriage, our 21-day implementation schedule is designed to help any marriage or by providing you with step by step instructions on what to focus on each day over the 21 day period, and supplements as an emergency aid for those marriages that are in real jeopardy of divorce. Those that are not in great danger of divorce will find this easy to do schedule to be helpful in cementing their relationship bonds.

Husband & Wife

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Solve Seven Key Marriage Issues

The Life Wise manual for marriage, will cover a huge range of specific issues such as how to forgive, be forgiven, repair trust, communicate better, create healthy boundaries, increase intimacy, manage money problems, etc, etc. We also want to let you know that our program does target larger issues within a marriage as well. Specifically:

  • Negativity - Being negative and critical about marriage or a spouse leads to dissatisfaction and can create emotional separation, leading to frequent arguments and divorce. The only way to counter negative thoughts and expectation is to be positive and meet those expectations in healthy ways.
  • Heightened Emotional Reactivity - This issue typically leads to one or both spouses having outbursts of anger or you or your spouse may "shut down" and not respond. This is also sometimes refered to as being given the "cold shoulder" or "stone walling." Couples with this issue often feel like they are "walking on egg shells" and worry about "setting their spouse off" and so may try to avoid conflict in unhealthy ways.
  • Thought Distortions - Personal differences in how you each "see the world" and what you think, your role as a spouse should be, will impact how you relate to one another. Differences and can lead to confusion and misunderstandings as well as unhealthy or unrealistic beliefs about how marriage should be. Our program will help with these issues by showing each spouse how to be at their best and how to create the best marriage possible based on trust, respect and an understanding of what love really is and how to maintain it.
  • Fear & Anxiety - When we don't like our own difficult emotions, it's normal not to want to deal with the difficult emotions and conversation that result from conflicts with our spouse. However, refusing to talk about an issue or "sweeping it under the rug" only leaves a rug with a great big lump of unresolved issues and feelings under it. Life Wise will teach you how to confront issues in healthy ways that will actually make you and your spouse love one another more while learning to accept that conflict can be an opportunity to learn more about the one your married too.
  • Rebelliousness- The natural human instinct to resist change can result in conflict. People do not like change or being told what to do or how to do anything. This often leads to a person in a marriage rebelling and refusing to do what is asked of them by their spouse even if they know they should. Spouses rebel even more when the desire for change is about them personally. Our program will teach you how to be the one to create change that you want, the right way, and what you need to do to have your spouse want to change and stay in the marriage.
  • Lack of Emotional Intimacy - This issue usually leads to lack of sexual intimacy as well and is due in part to lack of communication skills and a lack of awareness of how your spouse wants to be treated and loved by you. Just because you and your spouse have feelings and may even share those feelings in heated angry moments does not mean you are being intimate. True intimacy starts when each individual spouse calmly and lovingly shares with the other their thoughts and feelings in respectful ways.
  • Poor Communication - Certainly the other issues on this list can lead to poor communication. However, what Life Wise focuses on most in this area is creating respectful communication. Lack of awareness on the effect of your words, your spouses non-verbal communication, use of sarcasm and minimizing your spouses comments are just a few of the 16 ways people tend to fail when trying to communicate with their spouse.

Marital Situations

Life Wise revolutionary marriage program is designed for:

  • Premarital Couples - Couples looking to get married will benefit greatly from our program. They will learn about one another, and how to keep a relationship healthy. Life Wise will also teach you how to handle problems that come up in life so that the natural conflict in a marriage stays to a normal, and healthy minimum.
  • Low Conflict Couples - Couples who fit into this category argue very little from month to month and just want to explore how to make their relationship better. Couples can gain from this program several skill sets they will use for the remainder of their married life.
  • Moderately Stressed Couples - Couples who argue, roughly on a weekly basis, and may have thrown around the word "divorce" in the past will benefit from this program.
  • High-Risk Couples - Couples who argue roughly three or more times a week or who are avoiding issues by giving the other the "cold shoulder" or "silent treatment" resulting in talk about separation or divorce need this program.

What The Save My Marriage Program Will Do For You

Even if you had great parents and learned from observation on how to be married, just seeing how, and actually doing it are very different. You wouldn't watch a cooking show and then turn around and try to cook some fancy meal for someone if you had never cooked a day in your life. If you tried, your guess its as good as anyone's on how well that will turn out for you and the one you are cooking for. Life Wise will help you by teaching you the fundamentals of how to create or repair your relationship to be the kind of relationship people dream about step by step and one "ingredient" at a time. Because this is a marriage manual and not just a workbook you will be able to use the booklet, the concepts, and the principles we teach you, anytime unexpected issues or events come up in your marriage that you are unsure about how to manage. Best of all you will learn how to deal with and fix whatever it is going on in your marriage quickly an in the best possible way!

Every program and book out there on marriage has information and ideas on how to save, change or create a healthy marriage. There is so much information in the form of books, online programs, videos, blogs, tweets, etc. etc, its overwhelming. With so many opinions, ideas and facts on how to create a happy and long-lasting marriage it can be  very time consuming to sort it all out too. The Life Wise program was created to help people get to the “nuts and bolts” of what every marriage must have, without fail, to have a good and strong marriage. Nearly 50 to 55% of American marriages end in divorce. That's just way to high but it is happening year after year, keeping that little fact true. What Life Wise will do for you is teach you the basics of what is needed in; and how to develop; and use the tools necessary for what you can do as an individual and or as a couple to save, change or create the marriage you want.

Traditional marital therapy involves problem-solving strategies, and communication skills training as well as a focus on the past hurts in the relationship. All of that is included in this program, but we go beyond that. We put an emphasis on focusing more on the future. One of the best parts of our program is that if you work it, you won't be waiting six months to a year or more, to know if you're marrying or are married to the right person or hoping the marriage is going to work out. In most cases, you will know if your relationship is a good one and will last within the first two months.

Life Wise stands out as a one of a kind self-improvement and skill building program by providing four key features not found in most other programs. 1. You get the ability for you the consumer to choose what program you need for what area of your life you're struggling with and we teach you how to change it based on no-nonsense facts and research not just a opinion of some random person on the Internet or single professional option. 2. You will also get a manual designed to include some of the best evidence-based researched methods to help you create the changes you want to see in yourself and your life, quickly. 3. You will get access to our daily blog and optional e-mail list. This site is a treasure trove of information on life and marriage and how to do better for yourself, your marriage and your family. You can think of it is a one-stop place for all your "Life Hacking" needs. 4. Finally, you have the option to speak with a Life Wise professional who can help support you with access to exclusive materials to help you in your specific situation to transform your life step by step.

What The Save My Marriage Program Will NOT Do for You

There is no one size fits all approach or program that will save every marriage or unmarried couple. Life Wise will not guarantee that you can save, change or create etc, a better you, or a better relationship or marriage. The power to do that is in your willingness to learn, to do better, and take action. That same power is also in your spouse's hands. This program is not going to teach you any mental or behavioral tricks on how to get your loved one to stay with you because that's not what you really want. If you manage to convince your spouse to stay with you is that because they genuinely wanted to or is it because you ‘convinced them’? If you convinced them to stay with you using some mental or behavioral psychological tricks and methods would you really still love and respect that person? Probably not, because you managed to ‘outsmart them’, when what you really wanted was for them to genuinely choose you and to love and respect you. Anything other than that means you are settling for less. What you really want is really simple, you want your spouse to want to be with you.

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