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Available February 22, 2019

Gift Cards

Do you have a loved one who won't get help and talk to someone? Life Wise offers a one-time gift card service to help get the change and growth you want for your loved one. Purchasing a gift card will allow your loved to have a one time only private phone conversation with a Life Wise professional. This can help your loved one feel more comfortable getting the ball rolling, to start making changes or continue with a therapist long term.

We also have a monthly subscription service plan where your loved one can gain monthly access as needed to a LifeWise professional for any issues that may come up in life at any time. This way you or your loved one will never have to wait weeks to a month or more to speak with someone about an issue. You can call any time of day, any day of the year and a trained certified Life Wise professional will return your call within 48hrs.

For legal purposes, we have to tell you also that, these services are not intended to be or act as a replacement for therapy and are for entertainment and advice purposes only. LifeWise is not responsible for your actions or inactions that may result from your conversation using our services or any information you may have learned. 

Gift Card

Subscription Service Plan - $34.99

Our Gfit Cards - $39.99

Gift cards are a one time use only card to speak with a certified Life Wise professional on any issue.