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Backed by 80+ Years of Therapeutic Knowledge


Backed by 80+ Years of Therapeutic Knowledge


Backed by 80+ Years of Therapeutic Knowledge


Backed by 80+ Years of Therapeutic Knowledge


Backed by 80+ Years of Therapeutic Knowledge


Have you heard of any training programs in high school or on college campuses concerning how to get married, stay married, manage difficult emotions, handle difficult situations, or deal with difficult people? Probably not. In school we learn how to do things such as reading, writing, and mathematics. That type of training leads to the careers we desire. Yet, without any formal training, people are expected to know how to deal with these issues as well as how to manage life's other challenges, such as how to have great marriages, find personal happiness, or raise children.

Image if there was a place that taught you those skills that you missed on. How much better would your life be? At Life Wise, we are developing a line of amazing self-help program manuals for individuals, couples, and families. Our self-help manuals teach people how to develop coping skills, deal with relationship issues, and fix other concerns that are common in life.  Many people will go to see a therapist for help when they could have just benefited from getting good, solid and practical information. Life Wise programs are designed to make positive, lasting changes in your life by teaching you universal principles to live by. Please review the lists located at the bottom of this page to see the programs covered by Life Wise.

Eight Reasons Our Programs Work

1. Our programs have the advantage of being created by therapists with feedback from other therapists and successful clients. This means the information you gain in each program is evidence-based, practical, and proven to be effective in creating change. 

2. Our programs give you professional grade help in the complete privacy of your home as well as instant access to the knowledge and skills professionals use. You can avoid receiving a diagnosis, that could impact your future and you will not have a written medical record in the world with your name on it.

3. All programs use a science-based teaching and learning approach that is designed to enhance your learning. As a result, our programs are educational and solution-focused. They are designed to help you move forward into a better future as an individual, a couple or as a family, quickly.

4. Our programs provide HUGE savings in terms of your personal time and cost. Consider the cost of therapy for a professional with over a decade of experience, and one who specializes in your issue. Therapists usually recommend 12 sessions on small to moderate issues. Expect to take time off during business hours to drive to and from their clinical office for a minimum of three (3) months, and that is only IF you can be seen weekly. It can be common to be in therapy for a year or longer for larger life issues. Our programs are designed for those who do not want to or cannot wait that long, and want positive changes quickly.

5. With Life Wise you get quality research methods and techniques proven to work for the topic of each program. You cannot find a lot of this information online unless you have access to university level research databases, have a membership to relevant publications, or are a experienced trained professional in this area. With us you don’t have to search, struggle, and piece together information on how to improve life issues. We teach on topics such as how to save your marriage, overcome your anxieties, create higher self-esteem, lower your stress, increase your sex life, be a more effective parent, create more happiness for yourself and your family, stop using substances, and gain control over your anger as a few examples. More on these program topics and others are found at the bottom of the page.

6. Life Wise also uses seven key principle strategies for quickly creating change with our clients. You can learn more about these strategies by clicking here

7. After purchasing one of our programs you gain lifetime access to our blog site and optional monthly email list. This site is a treasure trove of information that is always expanding as we add new content to it regularly. Think of it is a one-stop shop for all your "Life Wise Hacking" needs. (Suspended temporarily)

8. Additionally, you have the option to speak with a Life Wise professional coach who can help support you with access to exclusive materials for your specific situation, and help transform your life one step at a time.

In Summary

Life Wise will save you long-term costs such as your time, money, emotional stress, and divorce (where applicable) as well as spare you and your children (as applicable) unnecessary pain.

What is all this worth to you, your relationships, and your life?

In a few short weeks, you can learn what would normally take months or years to learn in therapy. Life Wise can help you repair, restore and re-build your life across multiple issues because our programs are solution-focused, and fun too. All program manuals are designed using evidence-based researched approaches to help you learn, and change your life for the better on a variety of issues for which people tend to seek therapy out. Life Wise teachings are designed to make positive and lasting changes in your life by providing information, skills, and universal principles to live by, as well as how to successfully apply that knowledge to yourself and/or your marriage.

With 80 plus years of combined therapy experience, Life Wise has the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to help you overcome hardships and gain control over your life and happiness. Create the changes you want in your life starting today! 

Buy now and get $300.00 dollars off the retail cost by enrolling in our optional referral program

Our Referral Program Benefits

Life Wise provides a fun and unique benefit for our clients or other professionals who recommend our program. We offer a Free Life Wise banner or text link on your website or in your emails in an effort to make the world a better place. Each link has a unique ID embedded in it that will take the person to our website once it is clicked. If someone buys our program from the link you provided to them, then you will make a commission. Your commission will be sent to you within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Commissions are paid in U.S. dollars:

Product or Service: Commission
Life Wise Save My Marriage Program $300

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Programs designed for

Marriage Issues Civilian or Military

  • How to get over past conflicts
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to make your spouse to fall back in love with you
  • How to increase positivity and appreciation of your marriage
  • How to forgive and be forgiven
  • How to connect and rebuild Trust
  • How to be compatible in marriage
  • How to solve arguments the right way
  • How to stoop separation or divorce
  • How to drastically improve your sexual frequency and satisfaction
  • How to stop technology from interfering with your marriage
  • How to stop being codependent
  • How to avoid cheating or stop emotional cheating
  • How to get past the infidelity
  • How to stop fighting over money
  • How to overcome negativity
  • How to overcome boredom
  • How to get your spouse to change
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • How to reintegrate when you return home

Individual Issues

  • How to manage stress
  • How to beat depression
  • How to communicate better
  • How to manage Bipolar
  • How to overcome anxiety
  • How to stop using substances
  • How to overcome anger issues
  • How to move past grief & Loss
  • How to manage your sleep
  • How to stop unhelpful thinking
  • How to give up trying to control or be perfect
  • How to manage post traumatic stress
  • How to manage personality issues
  • How to deal with sexual issues
  • How to manage delusional or psychotic disorders
  • How to increase confidence and have better self-esteem

Family/Parenting Issues

  • How to manage child tantrums
  • How to get your kids to do what you want
  • How to get your kids to stop fighting
  • How to stop the lying
  • How to deal with attitude and whining
  • How to limit technology time
  • How to get your kids to eat right
  • How to your kids to be more confident
  • How to get pregnant
  • How to prepare for your first baby
  • How to be a supportive parent when you are not sure how
  • How to create structure in the home
  • How create healthy boundaries
  • How to be a parent and still be an individual
  • How to survive the holidays
  • How to manage your in-laws

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